Dynamic Currency Conversion - DCC

The GlobalChoice™ DCC Service allows traditional brick and mortar merchants to offer a payment solution that provides convenience, confidence, and value to their customers. A cardholder can choose to make their purchase in their own currency when visiting overseas destinations.

The GlobalChoice™ eCommerce Service allows international cardholder customers of web based merchants the flexibility of paying in their own currency.

In both cases, once a currency is selected by the cardholder, the transaction remains in that currency throughout the entire processing and settlement process. Both merchant and cardholder know the exact transaction amount at the time of the sale. It brings price transparency to both the merchant and the cardholder.

Advantages of DCC

  1. Differentiates the acquirer from competition in the domestic market
  2. Acquirer and merchants gain revenue from treasury management function
  3. Cardholders have the choice to pay in their native currency at the time of the transaction and therefore know the exchange rate.