OmniPay platform

The OmniPay platform is a merchant processing platform specialising in processing transactions from both domestic and international merchants on behalf of acquiring banks. It offers a robust acquirer-processing environment that provides 24 x 7 mission critical secure payment transaction processing.

The platform currently supports acquiring banks across Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America and provides a range of services to these banks and their merchants including Authorisation, Scheme Clearing and settlement, Merchant funding, exception item handling and reporting. It is therefore of paramount importance that the platform provides continuous availability, which necessitates a flexible, resilient and robust platform architecture.

The OmniPay platform comprises a highly available, highly scalable and rigorous infrastructure that provides our clients with the performance, scalability and resilience necessary to support them as their business grows. The platform is designed such that maximum system availability is achieved through automated component failover, with no single point of failure, thereby maintaining availability levels in excess of 99.99%.

The platform has current capacity for 2 billion transactions per annum and it utilises a Capacity-On-Demand model that supports provisioning for future growth to minimize the outages typically associated with capacity upgrades. The platform is hosted by IBM in Tier III level datacentre, with additional resilience is provided through a full Disaster Recovery environment.